The SolmiPro Mascot – The Untold Story

SOLMIPRO Mascot 2.0

I like drawing Skulls… and I don’t know exactly why!?

I think I just like this kind of characters because they seems just alive, even they are normally dead! Drawing a skull in a comic style is always an opportunity to release imagination in order to bring some cool guys to life. The one we are talking about was made for a friend of mine’s business : SOLMI PRO, and it is about cars and motocycles detailing.

SOLMIPRO Mascot 2.0

In fact, this version is a remake for the first one I did a year ago. They are quite similar : I just made some improvements in terms of strokes and changed clothes colors. I also modified the eyes, so the guy would be more “alive” !

SilmoPro 1.0
Original SolmiPro Mascot 1.0 – 2017

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