Drawing The Green Lantern

Green Lantern By SoufyaneZ DigitallyDrawing.com

I did not draw characters from DC Comics or Marvel for at least two decades! Yeah, actually I spent last years focusing on Franco-Belge style drawing mainly character with big noses. 🙂

Last week, I joined an Arabic Facebook Group where some good guys are sharing nostalgic memories from childhood, when we used to read lots of comics strip translated from english to arabic. The group’s administration is usually launching drawing contests where members can post drawings of a specific character, for a whole week.

As I liked really the group’s general atmosphere, I was very motivated to draw this green guy :

Green Lantern By SoufyaneZ DigitallyDrawing.com

I can say that my 1 hour drawing session was very satisfying…so I did a screen recording for you! Enjoy…

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