I love comics… I read comics… I draw comics..

Me, Myself & I
The CaveMan

The guy at the left is, according to WikiPedia.org, the first one to draw comics… on caves walls, telling stories about hunting and gathering fruits.
Did you know?

Sotto By Sotto

Now, this guy on the right, according to his bio, draw that guy on the left.
Welcome to my website, where you can watch me working and, most importantly, order whatever you like!

SOLMIPRO Mascot 2.0

Quick F.A.Q.

What Do You Draw?

Essentially, I draw franco-Belgian comics style. But, since I master use of stylus and pen display tablets, I can draw almost any stuff related to comics!

Do You Have Your Own Comics?

Not yet! But I am planning to do some… when I have enough time!

Why Such A Website?

Just to have a nice place on the web, where I can share my work!