Soufyane ZANFOUKH (Aka SoufyaneZ) is based in Morocco.

He worked in educational field for more than 20 years, then quit first job and converted in a freelance career in the field of Digital marketing.

SoufyaneZ received his first drawing tools at 6 year old (Thanks Mom!), and is keeping drawing addictively since then.

He turned to digital drawing early 2013 with his first stylus-based tablet purchase (still using it!)

Since 2014, Soufyane is actively providing comic and cartoon style artwork to international individuals and companies, online via freelancing platforms (for books, websites, social media and print).

He is still being a big fan of comic strips and albums just like a never-grown-up-kid!

Soufyane is thinking seriously of sharing joy and technique of digital drawing with all humans inside and outside the planet!